AVG Antivirus Software Review: How is AVG the best and great anti-virus for PCs?



In this article, I’m going to do an AVG anti-virus software review. AVG Antivirus is a reliable line of anti-virus software. It is designed by AVG Technologies, a well-known subsidiary of Avast. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Avg Antivirus Software ReviewThis line of software is designed to protect against viruses, spyware, adware, malware. It protects your PC from many other things that can harm your system from various sources.

AVG Antivirus Software Review: Its Stunning Features

In addition to its anti-virus capabilities, AVG also offers a variety of other features. The software includes an Enhanced Firewall that blocks suspicious traffic and detects and blocks ransomware and other threats.

AVG’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The company’s software has a customizable, sleek user interface, so it is easy to find the settings you need. The AVG program can be installed on a PC with just a few clicks.

Avast Antivirus provides a good level of virus protection. It comes in both versions, the free one, and the paid ones. But, the free version does not have many features while comparing it with the paid ones.

The paid ones are very efficient at detecting and removing malware and viruses. Avast has a unique interface that makes navigation very easy. It has various options such as scheduling a daily scan, enabling scanning, and many more.

AVG Antivirus comes with a wide range of features and security utilities. One of such utilities is the real-time protection. It scans the computer for malware & viruses and blocks them. Another useful utility is the online scanning and removal tool.

Avg Antivirus Software Review

It scans the system for threats and removes them. AVG also provides a firewall and an online security engine. With these all, the AVG Antivirus performs the best functions to protect your PCs.

AVG Antivirus Software Review: Exclusive Advantages of having AVG Antivirus software

After scanning, AVG quarantine all the scanned files until you are ready to remove them. After removing the malicious files, you can go for the next features of AVG Antivirus. It comes with phishing protection. It is one of the essential features of any anti-virus software. You can scan the computer for virus signatures that hackers might have created.

Phishing protection with AVG is the second great advantage of AVG Antivirus. Phishing protection is vital as it helps protect your identity. It also helps to keep financial information from being stolen.

As mentioned before, when you scan the computer with AVG Antivirus. Then firstly, it performs a primary scanning. During the primary scanning, the program identifies viruses, malware, spyware. It also scans the trojans, worms, and another malicious things that could affect your files.

The third feature of AVG Antivirus is the malware detection and removal module. Once the primary scanning process is complete. Then the module will start scanning your system. The module will identify any malware or trojan horse programs.

It then tries to remove these components or will quarantine them if they are dangerous. You can choose to manually remove any of them or use the automated removal option. You can also work with advanced options to remove the infected files on your system.


When it comes to finding the right anti-virus software for your laptop or desktop. You want to find one with all of the above features and a premium price. While there is no perfect solution, but AVG has everything you need to keep your computers safe. Overall, it is the best solution for malware and other threats today.


What are the plans and prices of the AVG Antivirus?

• The plans and prices of AVG anti-virus are listed below: AVG anti-virus free AVG Internet Security – Rs. 1,268/Year AVG Ultimate- Rs. 2,999/Year

What is the contact no. of customer care of AVG Antivirus software?

• United States: +1 844 259 8811 • Great Britain: +44 (0) 800 652 4940 • Australia: +61 1800 429 319

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