Everything You Always Wanted to know about Fantasy Games


In the current-day scenario, most folks from all over the world, who are cricket enthusiasts, have familiarized themselves with the gaming platforms of Fantasy Cricket. This type of gaming has gained a lot of admiration among all age groups.   

Cricket has been the most-watched sport, specifically in India. Cricket enthusiasts can certainly make fun and even money by playing online fantasy cricket. Once you Play fantasy cricket league online, you will see it so impressive and enjoyable. This would be a lovely way to show your love and admiration for this sport called cricket. You are going to love it playing and making some really good moments. And in case your guess works and moves turn out to be right, you get real cash as well.

How does the game work?  

Well, when you come across a fantasy game, you require to hunt for a total of eleven players for your cricket team. Different from the real game, here you get the ease and luxury to choose from a pond of twenty-five to that of even thirty cricket players who are from either of the team. There is no doubt that it is really exciting. Where in the real game, when selecting the line-up for your national team, the capital like Virat cannot just drop out even if he has scored badly in the recent matches. But in your fantasy cricket game, you have the luxury to choose or drop a team member as per the needs and performance of the players in the past games. However, always remember that there would be some restrictions, and you must follow the rules or be disqualified.

Furthermore, most online fantasy cricket platforms or applications or websites need you to choose at least one wicket-keeper, then that of three bowlers, even one all-rounder, and three batters. However, there may also be other fantasy platforms that offer you a unique scheme with a couple of alterations in the selection of cricket players. It is about which platform you pick from your fantasy game.

Pick your captain and vice-captain. 

Another critical task is the selection of a captain as well as a vice-captain after choosing the eleven players of your team. In the domain of the conventional format, you might be in a spot to earn additional bonus points from both of them. It means 2x points for even your cricket team captain and one point five x points for the vice-captain. 

Then comes the most critical part that is joining a contest. Once successfully forming up your fantasy cricket team of eleventh-picked players, you can confidently sign-up for a contest that relies on the rules and regulations. Remember that there are diverse types of contests that are held like that of Head-To-Head contests and even that of the Grand League matches. If you wish to play to accumulate some experience and that of not the money, then you conveniently participate in the practice contests that will help you turn out to be an expert fantasy cricket player. And of course, fun and a good experience are always linked to every practice test you choose to play. 

Pick a cricket Match.

To participate in any fantasy cricket contest, you may select from a list of different cricket series, championships, or single matches. There will be a good type of drop-down menu from where you can conveniently select a match. You can tap or click on the match and take part, or you can even look for the match in a specific series from the menu and then play. Similarly, the matches listed or given in the app may be grouped into two categories – Current and even Upcoming. You can always either pick a Current match and register in a specific contest to play, or you can even choose from the Upcoming matches and have the information of the future matches that are not yet lined up or open for user participation. Remember that once you are a user of a fantasy contest, you must select a match for participation within the given time, or else once the timer ends, the match will no longer be available for you for making any participation.

Pick Team Players

When you have picked the contest to play, you must choose the players for your cricket team to win a specific match. Being a user here, you should focus on creating a winning fantasy team and choosing your team’s super eleven players to accomplish the criteria. The most critical aspect of selecting players is to pick a mixed combination of players (baller, batsman, even wicket-keeper, and all-rounder) to boost the overall performance of your team. Once you are done with the assortment of the 11 players for the team, you should nominate a Captain and a Vice-Captain to get bonus points. When you are done with your full team selection, you must save your team in the platform or on the app you are playing the game at. 

Pick the Set Batting Order

You should set the team’s right batting order during a fantasy cricket contest. This is again a critical aspect of winning a match. Players with better batting skills or performance may be moved up the batting order, and similarly, ballers may get moved down the batting order in a usual hold-and-drag kind of mechanism. This promises that the finest batsmen will face more balls to score huger runs on that of the board. Certainly, everything is going to take place as per your preferences.


Thus, you should play fantasy cricket games online and ensure that you have a perfect experience for yourself. After all, every move you make gets you closer to playing better.

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