HubSpot mass email – Why it is the Better


Before we get to HubSpot mass email, let’s talk a bit about Hubspot…

HubSpot mass email – HubSpot (a corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts) provides a full range of applications (with the same name—HubSpot) including a CRM, a marketing hub, a distribution hub, a CMS hub, and a support hub.

But for this post, I’m only going to talk about CRM and marketing aspects.

That said, HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that offers resources that can support the business with blogging, SEO, social networking, email, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics. You may opt either to incorporate the app into your existing website or to create the whole HubSpot website of your company—it functions as a content management system (CMS) as well.

Hubspot mass email marketing.

Hubspot Mass email marketing is where the same email is delivered to a wide list of subscribers. It’s a campaign tactic that’s not seen much today since it typically yields a very poor conversion rate.

Mass email is not tailored, has no individual deals, and is delivered to an unfiltered recipient that may or may not be involved in what the sender has to say.

Today’s customers demand tailored and personalized emails that use AI to provide information and to provide information specific to their immediate needs.

Some solved problems.

Down there, I will show you some of the problems that are related to Hubspot mass email, and their solution.

First problem.

Can I submit a Hubspot mass email for free?


Yes. You can. Up to 2,000 mass email sends per month – your emails will have some HubSpot branding.

Second problem.

“I’m trying to figure out whether there’s a way to build a blueprint (which I’ve done) and send it to a static list of members) with one click.

I know you can send a marketing email to a list that looks like an email (I developed and checked a template) so it shows up as an ‘edit’ (i.e. marketing material) in Gmail because the template emails under ‘contacts’ go to a direct inbox that I want to hold.


They’ve been sending models to representatives individually, and they look great, but it’s time-consuming.”


HubSpot mass email – “It’s not as easy as you may be looking for. There are a lot of items that go on Google to determine if an email is an update vs. a promotion vs. a personal email. Stuff like the IP address you give (are you using a Hubspot shared IP address or a dedicated IP address)? What’s the mail, too? And once people receive the emails, do they transfer the email to a more important folder (i.e. out of the mailbox and updates)? What this all means is that Gmail manages this and it’s not a particular configuration or piece of code that lets the email end up in one cluster vs. another.”


How do I send a mass e-mail to HubSpot?

It is not possible to send bulk emails or combine mail from the HubSpot CRM, so the only choice is to send the contacts 1-on-1. This is because the HubSpot CRM is built to promote customized, 1-on-1 contact between salespeople and prospects.

Is HubSpot successful at email marketing?

However, HubSpot is not only an email marketing tool, it is also a marketing automation framework developed to help digital business development. ... So if you're looking to be flexible in your digital marketing and test out a few different new platforms and tactics, HubSpot could be a good choice.

What are the three ways you can connect recipients to your email marketing?

What are the three ways you can connect recipients to your email marketing? Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or store your email as a sales email.