Hyperlite LED High Bay Light


High bay lights are lighting fixtures designed for large areas with high ceilings. Typical applications for these lights include warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums – also perfect for lighting retail and department stores! Check out the Best info about industrial high bay light manufacturers.

When selecting a high bay light, several factors must be kept in mind when making a selection. These include its wattage, lumen output, and color temperature.


Hyperlite-led high bay lights are some of the most energy-efficient lights available. Their high lumen output and wide illumination range make them perfect for commercial spaces requiring plenty of lighting; their versatility and durability also make them suitable for industrial uses. When selecting high bay lighting solutions, it is essential to consider several factors, including color temperature and wattage, as specific hues may help increase productivity while decreasing eye fatigue.

Hyperlite’s LED high bay light boasts an incredible 50,000-hour lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement expenses while cutting electricity costs in the long run. Plus, installation is effortless! Additionally, Hyperlite LED high bay lighting systems are highly durable and user-friendly!

Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included

This dusk-to-dawn photocell can save up to 80% energy by automatically switching on at sunset/nighttime and off at sunrise/daytime.

Hyperlite LED high bay lights are ETL DLC certified, meaning they have been thoroughly inspected and proven safe for commercial and residential spaces. Buyers can have peace of mind knowing their product has been thoroughly scrutinized before being approved for purchase and used accordingly. Furthermore, ETL DLC certification also means reduced energy use compared to traditional fluorescent lamps and recycling at the end of the life cycle.


When purchasing high bay lights, it is essential to consider both durability and energy efficiency when deciding. High-efficiency options typically offer more significant energy savings while having longer lifespans and reduced maintenance costs than less durable lights. Some electric companies even provide rebates so customers can save even more by opting for efficient lighting options.

This linear LED high bay light offers bright, consistent illumination easily installed in various environments. Thanks to its flexible mounting design and easy setup, this linear LED high bay light has become famous for commercial applications like warehouses or retail stores, residential spaces with high ceilings, or outdoor applications like garages or workshops.

The UFO LED high bay light is an ideal solution for large spaces that need powerful yet cost-effective illumination. Constructed of durable die-cast aluminum housing with energy-saving 2835 LEDs and an ETL DLC certification, ETL has also approved this product, backed by a five-year warranty!

HYPERLITE LED high bay lights come in various sizes and wattages to meet your specific lighting needs. Perfect for industrial and commercial spaces, they can save up to 50% on electricity bills while providing up to 20 percent additional illumination thanks to their reflector covers.

Long Lifespan

LED high bay lighting offers many advantages over traditional metal-halide lights, including longer lifespan and maintenance requirements, lower utility costs, a more straightforward installation process, and great value. LED high bay lights can even help businesses reduce energy consumption significantly – ideal solutions for large commercial spaces with easy setups that offer exceptional returns on your investment.

This UFO LED light features an impressive lumen output and can be found in warehouses, retail stores, gyms, and other commercial environments with tall ceilings. Its unique design enables better heat dissipation to increase lifespan and performance; furthermore, it comes equipped with a UL-certified power cord to ensure safety and longevity.

WITH ITS LONG LIFESPAN, this UFO High Bay Light makes it an excellent choice for warehouses of any size.

LED lights boast longer lifespans and lower energy usage than their counterparts, helping reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. Furthermore, these versatile lights come equipped with different beam angles, making them suitable for various settings, and come in multiple wattage options so businesses can select a brightness level best suited to their space.

LED high bay lights offer a long lifespan and durability, offering protection from dust, dirt, and moisture accumulation. Their design also allows them to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions – making them the ideal solution for any application.


Linear LED high bay lights offer superior illumination for large areas, making them ideal for warehouses and other commercial spaces with high ceilings. Their cutting-edge technology produces light from electrons within the semiconductor material. When an electric voltage is applied, those electrons recombine with holes within that material to release photon energy – creating brighter and more consistent light than traditional lighting solutions.

The linear high bay light also consumes less electricity when operating, significantly cutting costs and energy use. Plus, its environmental-friendliness makes it safer for your workspace as no harmful chemicals are contained within it.

Linear high bay lights offer numerous advantages, including their impressive durability. Their all-aluminum cold forged housing provides an optimal thermal transfer to extend component lifespan, while its outdoor use certification means it can be installed anywhere you please.

Linear high bay lights boast another fantastic feature – dimming ability. Each fixture includes two separated dimming wires that connect directly with a 1-10V dimmer for simple brightness adjustment in any given space. You can even add reflectors for improved visual comfort or aesthetic purposes and to spruce up its aesthetic appearance.

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