What Is A PBN Link?

PBN Links – Have you ever struggled with increasing your website ranking in Google or any other search engine? As per Google Penguin, the most necessary factor for primary website ranking is Backlinks. The more backlinks you make, the higher goes your website ranking. Many bloggers or similar people create numerous small blogs and provide backlinks to their primary website that takes them higher in the ranking chart. That is what we term as Private Blog Network or PBN.

When using PBN links, you can decide on your anchor text of the Backlink. Let us suppose you have a ‘main word’ for your website. You can put a reference to the word by writing the ‘main word’ as anchor text. You can also use those words as anchor text that cabs your ranking faster than using other SEO-based words.

How Did It Start?

The concept of PBN Links started in the year 2004. People began to use PBN Links because, in 2003, Google launched Add-ons. THE more PBN links you use, the higher is your website rank. And it will generate more revenue from the Add-ons. It got popular in the year 2006. In 2014, the use of PBN links boomed again. In 2011-13 Google Penguin updates, Google mentioned that if any websites had multiple backlinks, they would take down the main website using those links. No doubt, the use of PBN links has lessened due to Google, but it is still on-trend.

Later Google announced that they would not terminate the website. The spam backlinks would not be able to give any reference and value to the main website. The main website will still be eligible for ranking but without any value addition.

Disadvantages of PBN Links


  • EXPENSIVE – It isn’t easy to make different websites from different places and put regular content on all the websites.


Though some sites offer packages of PBN links at low prices, it is not genuine. If Google finds one, they can take down the whole website.

Precautions to Take:-


  • Whenever making websites, create in WordPress.
  • Remember that there should not be any interlinking between the websites created. If Google gets any footprints regarding your websites linking the primary websites, Google will do the manual review.
  • Keep different hosting for each website. If using one host, do not use shared hosting. It is because, with shared hosting, the IP remains the same for your websites.
  • Keep your credentials like name, address in private. It is not an appropriate choice to have the same information for all your websites.
  • Do not approve your PBN links from Google actions.
  • Buy different plans for shared hosting.
  • For every website, always keep the WebMaster and Google Analytics separate.
  • Keep updating your websites once or twice a month.
How To Create PBN Links?

PBN links need Expired Domain. The expired domain has a market value already. When you post content through an expired domain, the ranking of your website will increase.

PBN links help in making your websites at top search ranking. We should be careful while creating one and taking the necessary precautions to its maximum use.


How does Google check if the PBN links are genuine or not?

Google does not have the algorithm to find out if the backlinks available for a particular website are genuine or not. Google does a manual search for such validation.

Are the PBN link packages available worth buying?

No, it is not.