Real Estate and Mortgage Notes: How to Sell Them on eBay


Finding a motivated seller is essential, but marketing your property to the final purchaser is just as crucial. The best time to profit from real estate is during the buying phase, not the selling phase. If you can get it cheap enough, you can consistently profit by selling it. When consumers are unable to secure loans because of the economic downturn, innovative advertising methods that target those with ready cash are essential. You can get the word out about your wares on eBay and drive more people to your website and expand your clientele that way. Selling one-of-a-kind residences, second homes, or rental properties on eBay is common. Over 147 million people regularly shop on eBay, and it’s always open. Over 370,000 people per day visit the real estate section of eBay, the company reports.

If you’re unfamiliar with eBay, it could take a few days to sign up, create a seller’s account, connect your PayPal account to eBay, and input all billing information. You should aim for a 100% positive feedback rating, which will add to your credibility as a seller on eBay. You can get an eBay store and a SquareTrade seal if you want to appear more legit.

SEO-Friendly Keyword-Rich Title and Description

the terms you use in the auction’s TITLE drive eBay’s search function. You have 80 characters to use, so make the most of them by including relevant keywords like “location,” “the condo,” “single-family,” “oceanfront,” “land,” “investment,” “seller financing,” “owner will carry,” “FSBO (For Sale By Owner”),” “renovated,” “turn-key,” “rental,” and so on. Leave out superfluous information like paint color, construction year, garden, and fireplace kind, as well as filler words like “wow” and “look” and any asterisks or quotation marks. Consider it in terms of common sense: what would you type into a search engine if you were looking to buy a house? Make sure your title accurately reflects the contents. It is more important that your title contains as many relevant keywords as possible than that it makes perfect sense. To make things more legible, I frequently resort to using only capital letters. In terms of SEO, it makes no difference either way. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Due to eBay’s global user base, many people whose first language is not English will come across your listing. Make it simple and clear for overseas purchasers, especially those interested in second homes and investment properties.

Include potentially misspelled terms in your listing description to increase exposure. These terms can be included in white, making them invisible in the listing but accessible via search engines. Given the non-binding nature of eBay real estate bids, it’s important to detail as many aspects of the transaction as possible, such as settlement, deposits, inspections, financing, etc. Complete honesty is always appreciated. If you have a video that showcases your home, you may upload that as well. It is permitted so long as no external connections are included.


Check eBay for comparable items before you put yours up for sale. By summarizing similar products sold and a price range, eBay makes it easy to compare your thing (not real estate) while advertising it. You’ll have to figure out real estate without this feature.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Put as many photos as you can inside the ad. You can save a ton of cash by using other free services. One of these is Auctiva, which allows you to upload unlimited pictures, pick from a variety of professionally designed layouts, and even schedule your listing at no cost to you.

ENGAGING CUSTOMERS and expanding your clientele

If you have a business, you can promote it and link to it from your “About Me” page. eBay’s policy is rigorous about not allowing listings to contain external links. If your listing is removed from eBay because of a breach of their policies, you may also have your account restricted or even suspended. If you are unsure, take some time to read up on eBay’s policies. However, I strongly advise adding your phone number to your ad. Typically, I provide a direct or toll-free cell phone number that forwards calls to my personal mobile phone. If you have a severe cash buyer, it’s in your best interest to speak with them before they contact any other sellers. You must be reachable to respond to their concerns and collect their information. If they decide not to purchase this home, add them to your buyer’s list for future offerings.


Set the minimum and maximum bids you will accept for your property. There needs to be interest in your price. Unless the property is truly exceptional and is being represented as such, the prospects of success in reselling it at retail are limited. Customers on eBay are well-informed bargain hunters. The cost of listing an item on eBay, whether in auction mode or as an advertisement, ranges from $150 to $450 (1.10.12). You should only display one property similar to others you are selling and direct potential buyers to your website or have the other properties ready to be emailed. It makes sense to mention each property that could serve as a proxy for a given market or set of search parameters if your properties are spread out across multiple locations.


You can find “Auction style” listings, “Classified Ad” listings, and “Other Real Estate” listings.

Seller-financed properties and auction-style listings both have their advantages. An auction’s beginning bid can be set at any amount and need not be used to purchase real estate. When an auction-style listing ends, the seller may charge a “Notice Fee” regardless of whether the sale was finished.

No bids are received when the item is listed in “Classified Ad” format. Prospective customers are asked to provide contact information in a web form, which is then forwarded to you. The typical time frame for such an auction is between 30 and 90 days. Take advantage of the 90-day ad-style listing if you don’t want to go through the trouble of relisting your property. The absence of a bidding system prevents either buyer or seller from providing feedback.


Specific purchase money notes and mortgages (collectively referred to as “mortgage notes” above) may be advertised for sale under the “Other Real Estate” sections of eBay. Mortgage notes are created when a buyer of real estate obtains financing from a seller and, in exchange, executes a letter in favor of the seller secured by a mortgage on the real property being purchased. This real estate transaction occurs before the offer of the mortgage note on the eBay website. The following conditions must be met before a mortgage note prepared in this manner can be listed for sale on eBay (in either the Auction format or the Classified Ad format):

The mortgage note must have originated from a lawful real estate transaction; the interest being sold must represent the total amount owed on the message; the buyer must receive the note by an irrevocable, unconditional endorsement; the seller must assign the note’s underlying mortgage in its entirety; and the buyer must hold both the letter and the mortgage until the message is paid in full.

Only the “Other Real Estate” section is allowed to sell mortgage notes.


Bidders on eBay are under no contractual obligation to buy an item, which helps explain why there is only a listing charge and no final value fee (when the item sells). Except for homes and cars, all other bids are considered final. A real estate contract is binding once both the buyer and seller have signed (or, in some circumstances, electronically signed) a purchase agreement and the buyer has provided consideration (often an earnest money deposit). This means that even if people place bids on auctioned real estate, they are not bound to purchase it. A buyer’s list can be made, and the property can be advertised. Actual “sales” occur at settlement or when you transmit the deed to your buyer for the purchase amount.

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