Bing Console – Why it is the Extraordinary


Bing Console Tools

Bing console – As part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, it is a free service that enables webmasters to link their websites to the Bing index crawler, see the success of their site in Bing (clicks, impressions), and much more. The service also provides webmasters with tools to troubleshoot their website’s crawling and indexing, submission of new URLs, development of sitemaps, submission and ping tools, website statistics, content submission consolidation, and new content and community resources


Features of Bing Console

Bing Console Tools offers many features that webmasters can access after checking their website ownership using methods such as MetaTag verification, DNS entry addition of CNAME record, XML verification, and DomainConnect

It includes the following tools and features to help webmasters access information and maintain their Bing websites:

Submit URLs enables webmasters to submit thousands of URLs for faster indexing on their website.

  • Up to 10,000 URLs, a day can be the number of URLs that they can send.
  • Crawl issues allow webmasters to recognize potential problems with their websites, such as errors in File Not Found (404), blocked by REP, long dynamic URLs, and types of content that are not supported.
  • Backlink data enables webmasters to access their reference link information. Yahoo! Site Explorer has acquired part of this feature.
  • The keyword search tool enables new keywords to be explored by webmasters.
  • The Robots.txt validator helps webmasters to verify if the norm is met by their robots.txt file.
  • The Markup Validator helps webmasters to verify if their website meets the W3C requirements.
  • Sitemaps allow webmasters to verify whether their sitemap is correctly interpreted by Bing.
  • Outbound links allow webmasters to see the outbound connections that Bing sees.


What is Bing Maps

Bing Console Maps (formerly Live Search Maps, Windows Live Maps, Windows Live Local, and MSN Virtual Earth) is a web mapping service supported and powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise system as part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine suite.

Search performance


The Search Success report is possibly the most useful portion of Bing Console Resources.

There’s a summary of your searches, impressions, and other key indicators, similar to the ‘search results’ segment in the Google Search Console.

Over time, you can view top-level metrics and pivot between looking at your results by keyword or by a tab. To reveal additional information on keywords, sites, and rankings, you can also drill down into any of these views. This is useful for tracking performance improvements, finding places where you are under-performing or identifying opportunities where outsized returns could be generated through additional efforts.


URL inspection

Bing console – Bing enables you to perform spot checks on individual URLs and pages, just like Google’s URL inspection tool, to see them in the way that Bing sees them. You can also go between a live search and having a Bing page view that is indexed. For diagnosing creeping, indexing, or content problems, this method can be helpful. In the above example, you can see that an HTML error has been spotted by Bing; exactly the kind of problem you should look into if you have issues with the output of that page.

Site Explorer

Where Bing shines is as seen and known by the search engine, with its Site Explorer

tool (in beta at the time of writing), which lets you browse and navigate your entire site.

Bing console – If you have a well-organized website and a nice structure for your site, then this report offers a thorough overview of your site. As well as providing you with information about individual URLs, the statistics for each folder are summarised. You can easily see where you may have problems or opportunities by filtering the URLs in this ‘tree’ view, in a way that is surprisingly difficult to do in the Google Search Console.


What is SEO Reports?

The SEO Reports section offers a helpful summary of problems that have been found while indexing and crawling your website if you are looking for somewhere to start.