Is Divi theme builder a Best option for Multi-purpose WordPress theme builders?



Divi Theme Builder is a WordPress themes builder used to customize header, footer and post templates in your designed website. The theme builder is among the most powerful Divi features, which allows you to design templates for your websites. 

This theme builder will allow you to create custom headers, footers, category pages, product templates, blog templates, and more. You don’t need to add a theme template file to your web pages manually. This theme builder provides you with total control over every single element of your website page. 

Divi theme builder works with a combination of two interfaces. This means that when this theme builder works, it has the power of both the Divi theme and Divi builder. 

What are the only things that Divi theme builders can do? 

Divi theme builders can do a variety of works. Here we have listed a few things that Divi theme builder can do:

Global header designing

  • It can design a global header for the entire website. It can also create and design menus for the whole website using the Divi builder. 


Global footer designing

  • It also designs global footers for your entire website. Scratch using the process of Divi builder is used to design global footers. 


Building a custom page and templates

  • It will allow you to build custom pages and templates. You can build a custom 404-page template, post template and layouts for all websites. 

unique features of Divi theme builder

Divi theme builders have some stunning features, which make it the best Multi-purpose theme of WordPress. These featured are:

Template customization

  • There is a single default template in this theme builder. This template cannot be deleted but can be customized according to the client’s requirements. In this default website template, there are options to customize the global header, footer and global body. 

 Import theme builder packs

  • It has a feature that can import theme builder templates. These templates include all the header, footer and body layouts. 

 Export theme builder pack

  • It also has a feature for export theme builder templates with the import feature. You can export these builder templates with all the layouts. These layouts include the header, footer and body. 

 Create index pages

  • This is a fantastic feature of this theme builder that will help you create customized index pages. You can design these index page templates. These custom index pages include category designs which will provide control over the website’s designs. 

 Building category pages

  • It can provide you with an option to build various pages using dynamic contents. You can build a 404 page, a search result template, and a blog page. 


The downside of Divi Theme builder

  • Not easy to use for beginners. 
  • Layouts are only compatible when the Divi theme builder is activated. 
  • Don’t have transferable custom shortcodes. 



It comes with an extensive list of stunning features. These stunning and brilliant features make it one of the best Multi-purpose theme builders. 

It provides 100% customized designs for building websites. Overall, the Divi theme builder is one of the best options for Multi-purpose WordPress themes for all types of websites. 


Can we use the Divi builder without using Divi themes?

Yes, we can use Divi builder without using Divi themes. Divi builder plugin versions can be used alone.

Can we build a custom product page template using the Divi theme builder?

Yes, we can build a custom product page template using this theme builder for all products.

Can we customize post templates using Divi theme builder?

Yes, we can customize post templates using this theme builder.