Is Astra free theme one of the best free WordPress themes?



Astra free theme is a WordPress theme used for endless customization in your website designing. It is the most popular free WordPress themes made for elements. This theme is the fastest, lightweight, and highly customizable that elementor users can use.

It comes with a pack of manufacturing sites that can create a website with just one click. This free theme has stunning features like customizing everything, super-fast performance, easy to use for everyone and pre-built websites. It has customized options for layouts, headers, colours, typography, and blogs.

Astra free theme is a powerful WordPress theme used for websites for blogs, online shops, foods ads and many more. Brainstorm Team develops Astra Free theme.


Exclusive Features of Astra Free Theme

This fantastic theme provides some remarkable features that make it one of the best free WordPress themes:

Transparent Headings

  • It has a features option that helps you to create transparent headers. You can create stunning transparent headers which provide your website with a gorgeous look. This allows your website to stand out.

Pre-built website designs

  • It has a pre-built website design that will reduce your efficiency in designing websites. You can easily use these pre-built websites demos and create your website design.

Hooks and Filter tools

  • It has a variety of hooks and filter tools. These tools are used to customize everything on your website while designing it. These tools help you to customize without any knowledge of coding.



Layout options

  • It has impressive layouts for the website header, blogs, posts, sites, footer, sidebars and single pages. For blog layouts, it has options for grid layouts, author bio etc. For site layouts, it has options for fluid, padded etc.

Header sections and options

  • It has more areas for creating complex header layouts, which make it unique. This free WordPress theme is packed with a variety of in-built options for header layouts.

Better colour and typography options

  • It has options and the freedom to choose the colour for every element of the websites. You can easily set the colour directly from the customized. There are also a variety of options for selecting fonts that will increase the readability of your website.


How to download Astra Free Theme superbly in WordPress?

You can download Astra Free Theme by using these simple steps:

  • Firstly, log in to your WordPress account.
  • Go to the “Appearance” option present on the left side of the screen.
  • Now choose the “Theme” option and select ‘Add New’.
  • Now in the search bar, search Astra.
  • Install the free Astra Theme and activate it.

These are the simple and straightforward steps to download and activate Astra free themes in your WordPress.

Impressive advantages of Astra Free Theme

Astra Free theme comes with a bundle of advantages that make it the best free WordPress theme. These advantages also help it to perform best. The fantastic benefits are:

  • Follows the best coding standards.
  • Loading time is less than a second.
  • The file size is must be less than 50 KB.
  • Uses powerful design options.
  • Amazing site layouts.
  • This is an SEO friendly Theme.


By the end of this blog, we can conclude that the Astra Free theme is among the best WordPress themes. Astra free theme provides you with a dozen attractive pre-built layouts.

This free theme is SEO friendly. The best thing is that these features are packed at no cost. We can appreciate its features and specifications, which make it easy to use and efficient.


How many footer widget layouts does Astra free theme offer?

Itoffers seven different Footer widget layouts for the footer area.

Does Astra Free Theme have a scroll to the top option?

Yes, ithas a scroll to the top option.