Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme – Why it is the Great



Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme is a powerful and premium WordPress theme created by Themify. It is a premium e-commerce WordPress theme developed in 2010. This theme is considered one of the leading and premium WordPress themes for shopping sites. 

The shoppe is the best premium WordPress theme to build professional e-commerce or WooCommerce sites. The shoppe can create these sites in minutes. It comes with fantastic eCommerce features such as quick looks, search, wishlists and more such layout options. This premium WordPress theme provides you with the ease to customize your website with efficiency. 

Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme adds and updates a new feature from time to time to provide a premium experience. There are also a bunch of demo site options available for all users. 

Remarkable Key Features of Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme

Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme has some unique vital features. These key features help you create fantastic shopping websites. These key features are listed below with brief details:

Demo and skins theme features

  • It has a demo and skin features. Just after installing this theme, you can view the demo as necessary. Shoppe also has some different theme skins that help your site look lovely. The skins of this theme convert the look and feel of the website. 

 Ajax Cart

  • It has an excellent feature of Ajax Cart. This feature can instantly update the items of the cart and dropdown cart in the header. 

Ajax quick search

  • It has this fantastic feature of ajax quick search. This feature is used to search and filter products with efficiency quickly. 


Wish List

  • It has a wish list option. In this feature, you can save your favourite products in one list where you can revisit. This is a fantastic feature of this premium WordPress theme. 

 Product share

  • It has a product share option for websites. This will help you to share your favourite products with your friends. 

 Quick look and Gallery sliders

  • It has quick look options for websites that allows you to view products quickly. There is also a gallery slider that will enable you to see all products and discounts on the gallery. 


How to download Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme from Themify Effortlessly? 

To download Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme from Themify, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of Themify. 
  • After that, click on the Members and the Member’s Area. 
  • Now search shoppe and download on to your computer. 

After that, install the downloaded file into your computer, and with some setup process, you are ready to use it. 

Innovative and Flexible Layouts of Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme

Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme has a bundle of Layout options. This theme has been smartly loaded with unique flexible layouts. There are:

  • 14 header layouts
  • Nine archive layouts
  • 6 Footer layouts

You can choose from these layouts to design your website quickly and efficiently. 


We can easily conclude that Themify Shoppe is one of the best premium WordPress themes. This is a highly recommended theme for beginners and entrepreneurs. 

It has all the fantastic features that make it a premium WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. This is also the best WordPress theme for eCommerce and WooCommerce websites. It is a seamless premium WordPress theme. 


Is Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme offering a trial option?

Yes,itoffers a 30 days money-back guarantee. This feature is like a trial option for this theme.

Can we put an image zoom option on our website using Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme?

Yes, we can put an image zoom option on our website using this awesome WordPress theme.