Is WordPress Theme Ocean the best Multi-purpose Theme?



WordPress Theme Ocean is a free multi-purpose theme for WordPress. It has many advanced features and customisation options that are suitable for bloggers, developers and e-commerce websites. 

This WordPress Theme Ocean is available in the WordPress theme repo. It is a free WordPress theme from which contains ten demos and bundled with ultimate features. WordPress Theme Ocean is packed with premium plugins which include a master slider, slider revolution etc.

It can create all types of websites such as portfolios, blogs, businesses, and eCommerce too. This is considered a companion for Elementor and WooCommerce. 

Impressive Key features of WordPress Theme Ocean

WordPress Theme Ocean is a Multi-purpose theme with some ultimately unique features. These features work seamlessly for creating all types of websites. These features are easy to use and help you to customise each element of your websites. 

It contains various one-click demo options. These demo options help you to build your website with ease. These stylish and unique demos are:

  • Simple
  • Coach
  • Stylish
  • Architect
  • Blogger
  • Lingerie
  • Gym Club
  • Lawyer
  • Store
  • Travel
  • Personal
  • Yoga
  • Mega Gym

You can easily import these demos to your websites with two methods, ocean demo import and the cloud. 

Theme customise and panel.

  • It has its theme customiser. There is also a Theme panel in addition to this theme customised. A theme panel is used to change the look and feel of your website. It will help you quickly customise your website elements such as footer, header, sidebar, top bar, etc. You can also change the typography and colour. 

 Multiple mobile menus styles

  • It comes with multiple mobile menu styles. In this feature, you can choose screen size, which will help you to hide navigation. The mobile menu is available in the Sidebar, Drop Down or Full Screen. 

 My library option

  • It comes with my library option. This option will help you to create your page template. 

 Compatible with WooCommerce platform

  • It is compatible with the WooCommerce website. It is an excellent choice for creating such websites. This WordPress theme will enhance the appearance and functionality of WooCommerce websites. There are significantly fewer compatibility issues. 

 Loads fast with clean codes.

  • It loads very quickly with standard layouts. It has all the clean codes which will avoid lagging behind this WordPress theme. This fast loading speed is excellent for the user experience. 



  • It comes with various extensions, either free or premium. These extensions will add functionality and design elements to your website. These extensions are Posts sliders, side panel, sticky header, social sharing etc. 

How to download and install WordPress Theme Ocean effortlessly on your device? 

There are some simple steps you can follow to download and install WordPress Theme Ocean. These steps are:

  • First of all, go to the WordPress dashboard and select ‘Appearance’. 
  • After that, select ‘Themes’, now in the search bar, search WordPress Theme Ocean. 
  • Now download the theme on your computer. 
  • After that, install the downloaded file. 

With some setup process, you are ready to use this free Multi-purpose WordPress theme. 


We can say that WordPress Theme Ocean is the best Multi-purpose WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is bundled with a variety of unique features. It is a free WordPress theme with so many customisation options. The installation and setup process is also straightforward. 


Is WordPress Theme Ocean SEO friendly?

Yes, this theme is SEO friendly. This will enhance your search rankings and better indexing options.

Does WordPress Theme Ocean compatible with PHP7.1?

Yes, this theme is compatible with PHP7.1