Jive Software Review: How Jive is the Great Enterprise Collaboration Software?



In this article, I’m going to do jive software review. Jive was acquired by Aurea, which helps companies create and manage communities. Since the acquisition, the company has experienced a surge in growth. It was losing millions of dollars. To read more about Rainbowhud click here.

In contrast, many have criticized the company’s lack of transparency. It has also been praised for its user-friendly dashboards and collaborative analytics platform. The acquisition will allow Aurea to leverage its customer experience management platform further.

Jive Software Review

Jive is an enterprise collaboration and social software solution. It supports collaboration, knowledge sharing, and content management. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

It can help businesses reduce the total cost of ownership and increase productivity. The software allows businesses to unify every employee.

Jive Software Review: How Jive Software helps Businesses?

This software platform helps businesses build an effective, efficient, and collaborative online workspace. Using Jive, employees can collaborate on content, brainstorm ideas, and share documents.

In addition, it can integrate seamlessly with other applications and services. It connects people with the right information at the right time. It boosts employee productivity, aligns goals, and enables a sense of belonging. The new release of Jive includes over 30 new capabilities.

Jive Software Review

It includes MS Teams integration, one-click tiles, and an integrated CRM. These capabilities help companies make the most of their Jive investments. Besides providing business tools. Jive also helps organizations improve their collaboration and knowledge management.

Its innovative collaboration features, such as the PeopleGraph, are stunning. It understands people and delivers the right information at the right time. This is an essential part of the Jive community. It is throwing people-centric collaboration into hyper-drive. The system provides compliance and security for the organization.

Jive Software Review: Key Features of Jive Software 

Its features include team member blogs, wiki-docs for group editing, and discussion tools. The Jive software lets companies build and manage communities online. For example, building open portlet experts communicate directly with the IT community.

In addition to its social collaboration capabilities. It integrates with Microsoft teams and other communication tools. Its features are also flexible. Its integrated collaboration platform is another key feature of Jive.

Aside from collaboration, Jive also offers social media capabilities. For instance, it supports slideshows on Place landing pages and news pages. Aside from these, it also offers several useful options for companies to implement.

Jive provides an environment to share ideas by providing social media tools. If your team is interested in collaborating with colleagues, it can also network. The company’s primary goal is to increase teams’ productivity. By making it easier to collaborate with others. With a Jive intranet, people can connect and share ideas. Those who work in different locations can see each other’s profiles.

They can also find information and posts related to a specific topic. They can even connect with people they don’t know yet. With Jive, employees can build relationships and discuss topics with a common interest.


Jive’s sales growth has been a key driver for the company’s growth in recent years. The company’s success has led to a significant increase in revenue. Although Jive has seen a surge in sales, it has also grown its user community. This is good news for the company and its shareholders. Because it gives the community more freedom to focus on its core competencies.


What is the phone no. of jive software?

(877) 495-3700 is the phone no. of jive software

What is the address of jive software?

401 Congress Ave Ste 2650 Austin, TX, 78701-3708 United States

What is the mail address of jive software?

[email protected] is the mail address of jive software

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