Successful Dog Training Methods


Canine Training and Behavior Issues

You can have a well-trained dog with the correct method.

Experts in dog training agree on one proven method that yields excellent results with minimal stress on the dog and the trainer. This system has far-reaching benefits for your dog and streamlines the training process, despite its apparent harshness at first glance.

Although this system’s inspiration came from a once-famous method of dog training, it has since been modified to eliminate the cruel, inhumane practices it once held; for example, using shock collars for barking dogs is no longer necessary.

Once known as positive reinforcement training, the approach by which we will achieve our goals in our dog’s exercise entails forming very stern commands to your dog and rewarding him when he takes notice of your order. If, on the other hand, the dog stubbornly ignores your directions and acts out in disobedience, you may teach him the difference between right and wrong by not rewarding his bad behavior.

Does your dog respond positively to this method of positive reinforcement training?

YES! The positive reinforcement method is effective because it gives your dog’s training more meaning and gives the dog time to figure out what you want without being forced to do so, as with the command “DOWN,” which you would otherwise have to repeat over and over again to get the dog to comply. Instead, you’ll get a quicker response by letting the dog use its brain.

Use meaningful rewards to show your dog how much you appreciate its cooperation during training; a pat on the head gets old fast, and most dogs don’t enjoy being patted in exchange for a “good girl” response.

When training your dog to a high standard, it’s helpful to use incentives to tempt them for their excellent behavior. Common incentives dog trainers use include the dog’s favorite treat and lots of loving attention.

But the time is perfect, and your dog will always obey you! Give them a treat and positively remark about their behavior so they know exactly what they did to earn it. You may also demonstrate your delight by saying “Yes” pleasantly and excitedly if they obey your command to sit.

Always use the same technique when training your dog; he will quickly learn that his actions will be rewarded with treats.

If you want to prevent your dog from jumping up on people, for example, you wouldn’t tell it to “get down” and “stop jumping” simultaneously because this would confuse it. You should make this decision before training begins and stick to it. If you give your dog only one command, it will eventually memorize it as an “Action associated with one particular phrase.”

To maintain consistency in training, use only one command and reward it with that treat. This could be an edible treat or a toy your dog finds affectionate.

The best way to stroke your dog is to massage its chest between its forelegs. Dogs also enjoy rubbing their lower backs, preferably towards the tail’s base, and touching their ears with the thumb and finger. The great thing about the positive reinforcement training system is that it doesn’t require you to do anything that you would find unsuitable, it doesn’t consist or warrant heavy correctional theories or undertake any form of harsh punishable measures, and when it comes to the positive reinforcement system training all th…

It is commonly held that if you respond negatively to your dog when she disobeys a training command, she will eventually stop breaking on her own. The more attention you pay to your dog when she obeys an order correctly, the more she will associate that behavior with positive reinforcement. Although the topic of training remains relatively complex, and it would be wise to understand as much as possible about practical training, this article will provide an excellent fundamental insight into the more helpful attitude and methods you can use with the positive reinforcement system.

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