Famous Dog Names For Your Dog


Famous dogs from movies or TV can provide invaluable inspiration for choosing a name for your new puppy or kitten. Choose the best perfect dog names.

Bella has become increasingly popular since 2008. Or take Marley from “Marley and Me.” Dexter may conjure up scary images from Showtime serial killer drama series Dexter, but it could make for an engaging dog name nonetheless.

1. Bella

Bella is an ever-popular female dog name, holding its position at number one for ten consecutive years and showing no sign of slowing down. Bella has become popular across the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Bella, short for Bella Isabella, means beautiful in many languages. The name became widely recognized after Stephenie Meyer used it for the main character in her Twilight books and movie series.

Dogs named Bella often possess quiet and attractive personalities. Loyal to their families, yet wary of strangers. Effective problem solver with brilliant thinking abilities – Bella can often prove an invaluable friend!

Leslie Spainhower of Huntington Beach knew she wanted to name her dog after an iconic fictional character; Bella proved the most popular name. Other popular options were Luna, Charlie, and Daisy.

2. Buddy

Buddy is an affectionate name that symbolizes friendship and loyalty, making it the perfect pick for playful puppies or kittens. Additionally, it reminds their owners of the special connection shared between themselves and their beloved pets.

Buddy was the name of one of the original Seeing Eye dogs. A German shepherd named after its owner’s brother, this extraordinary companion had an enormous impact on Morris Frank, who later wrote about her in his memoirs.

Dogs have long enjoyed fame in pop culture thanks to filmmakers and authors. Dogs may have appeared in films, television shows, or novels.

Dogs featured in TV or movie can become household names quickly due to the roles they play within a storyline; two such dogs include Buddy from Full House and Comet from Air Bud, both of whom became well-known due to their characters or storylines.

3. Dexter

Dexter is the ideal name for playful pups that like to run and explore! Although its associations may evoke memories from Showtime’s serial killer thriller, Dexter remains popular among male dogs – significantly larger breeds like German shepherds or Labrador retrievers.

Albus Dumbledore’s companion in the Harry Potter series is an intelligent phoenix; this would be an appropriate name for your courageous pup!

From Full House’s Golden Retriever Comet to Toto from The Wizard of Oz, famous television and movie dogs such as Comet are beloved icons worldwide. Naming your pet after one can inspire both of you to live an exciting life together!

Buddy comes from old English and means friend! Finn is a Scottish and Irish name that translates to blonde warrior, and “The Jungle Book’s” Sled Dog was an exceptional and faithful companion.

4. Scout

For dogs who love adventure and exploration, give her the name Scout. This well-known moniker pays homage to a female protagonist from an iconic book and works perfectly for both male and female pets alike.

Name your female pup after legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra or Jackson after the famous brand of Tennessee whiskey or basketball player. A vigorous dog might also be called Caesar after Caesar, the Roman leader, or Sheba after Biblical Queen Sheba. Other imaginative options could be Louie after a beloved French musician or Bear as an homage to an animal of great size.

If you enjoy watching television shows and movies, there are numerous celebrity pets with inspiring names that you could borrow for your pet. Consider naming it after The Jetsons’ adorable hound or Eddie from Frasier; even Best in Show has its share of amazing Jack Russells that could serve as inspiration!

5. Finn

Name your new pup after a celebrity or TV character for something fun and distinctive! From movie dogs like Toto from Wizard of Oz or Buddy from Air Bud to Mark Twain’s novel Tom Sawyer sidekicks like Huck and Ben, these names will ensure they stand out amongst a crowd!

Finn has become increasingly popular as an exceptional boy dog name. Perfect for athletic pups who can keep pace with you on hikes and play fetch in parks, Finn is an ideal name for your firm, muscular canine friend.

Name your pup after a celebrity, politician, or other public figure for an eye-catching name sure to turn heads at the dog park. Many well-known Americans have owned dogs throughout their history; thus, it would be fitting to honor these figures by honoring them with a tribute like this at a dog park.

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