Top 5 Online Shooting Games


Shooting games are an enjoyable and entertaining way to test your aim, whether you are an expert or novice shooter. Our selection of online shooting games will keep you entertained for hours! An exceptionally fantastic fact about LOLBeans.

Try Overwatch 2 to test yourself against some of the top players, or give Mad Bullets a go and encounter everything from ninjas to cowboys!

1. Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an online shooting game designed to test players’ aim with a bow and arrow. As it doesn’t contain violent content, Apple Shooter is suitable for younger players, and its fun style makes the playing experience enjoyable.

Apple Shooter stands out as a free-to-play title because of its amazing graphics and challenging levels, making the experience enjoyable. But beating it will require practice – although the game’s instructions may seem straightforward enough at first glance, trial, and error often proves more successful than reading through instructions directly.

Apple Shooter is a flash game designed to bring that dream of accurate shooting closer to reality. Playable on most modern browsers and systems alike; its only drawback is that killing one of your friends will end play.

2. Zombie Sniper

Zombie Sniper drops players into an overrun city with zombies, with long-range weapons selected, and opens fire on each zombie from far away to stop them before they come close enough for harm.

Graphics in this game are impressive, and its controls are straightforward; there is a targeting reticle you can move left/right/up/down to aim, as well as a pull-down trigger to shoot.

The game features a variety of weapons, from primary rifles and shotguns to secondary ones like pistols, grenades, and trip mines. There are also multiple levels with different objectives to complete at each level.

NZA challenges players to shoot as many zombies in a limited period or defend unwitting civilians from becoming brain-eating mealworms. There’s even a story mode to add depth, but its main strength lies in its sniping gameplay.

3. Gun Shooter

Gun Jam boasts an appealing OST and striking visuals, offering fast-paced action. Unfortunately, its lack of significant maps or modes makes it more of a short-lived warmup act than a chart-topper.

Although this free-to-play FPS offers many weapons and an engaging combat system, its mechanics may sometimes feel cumbersome. Shots, dashes, and melee attacks must be timed carefully to exploit the strategic opportunities presented fully.

The game’s main gimmick is linking your health to the length of a song, meaning you won’t instantly die when enemies hit you. While this provides some respite from other titles that tie life bars directly to music beats, this still can be frustrating when critical shots or dashes miss furthermore, as there is no explanation provided on how each weapon works and instead relies on trial-and-error to discover their use; which can waste both time and cause frustration.

4. Space Shooter

This game transports players back to the days of arcade gaming with its vertical scroll shooter that takes you on a fantastic alien invasion adventure. It is accessible for novice and veteran players alike, and its level progression is quite linear; players may even earn rewards upon completing each level!

Space Shooter is one of the most beloved titles in its genre, boasting attractive graphics and sound to complement an engaging gameplay experience. Additionally, its controls are intuitively designed so players can customize their ship according to personal taste.

Though one of the most beloved games in its category, despite being immensely popular, it contains some minor flaws. Most notable is its overabundance of microtransactions; furthermore, gameplay may not be as fast and smooth as similar titles in its genre. Nonetheless, developers have attempted to address these issues through subsequent updates, and it can now be played free of charge!

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