Totally free SEO Tools With Their Examination


Webmasters and website keepers over years have been preventing for one simple thing: an improved ranking in Search Engine Research! The reason is simple and clearly realized. Better the ranking, increased is the traffic to the web site plus the popularity augments. The grounds of the site are completed and the return on investment increases. Getting better rankings is known as Search engine marketing or SEO.

There are various approaches and tools for Search engine marketing and with the development of technology, the equipment is getting better and much better keeping in mind the stringent specifications of popular search engines like Google as well as Yahoo. This article tries to provide a brief overview of the various Seo tools which become useful for webmasters and Seo companies. The overview will certainly contain a brief description of the tools along with their pros and cons directed to their areas of development.


Keyword Analyzer: Goran Nagy and Frank Lee jointly developed this kind of keyword research tool is actually new updates regularly, this kind of software has developed rapidly and contains performed well in the fast-paced landscape of the World Wide Website. Basically based on the Overture search term research tool, it has a chance to analyze the extracted files from the WordTracker and Search term Discovery. There are certain pros and cons to the Keyword Analyzer and they are:


o It has a wonderful look tool.
o Capable of adding Keyword Discovery and WordTracker data.
o Uses conditions related to Google.
o It is very friendly with the search engines.
to Functionality of right-click inclusion.
o Bonus add-on instruments are provided.


o Possesses a minor interface glitch. Simply clicking on the menu creates a brand-new tab automatically.
o Can not combine different keyword details.
o Primarily uses typically the Overture data which is deficient in 100% accuracy
The Search term Analyzer is best suited for PAY-PER-CLICK advertisers, AdSense publishers, Specialized niche Miners and to some extent SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION people.

McDar Keyword Evaluation Tool:

McDar Keyword Evaluation Tool has come up within the forefront of Search Engine Optimization as a completely new breed of the tool. Will not focus on pre-optimization analysis from the keywords but actually concentrates on the post-optimization analysis from the keywords. In other words, it studies the keywords when the website has already been optimized! And guess what happens? It can study the competition for that keyword!

Once the on-page SEO of a page for search phrase or phrase is done in addition to optimized page becomes dwell and searched by Yahoo or google spiders, you need to enter the adhering to information in the McDar

Search phrase Analysis Tool:

o The particular URL of the page to get optimized in the McDar Key phrase Analysis Tool.
o The particular keyword on the basis of which the website is to be analyzed.

Once the previously mentioned two steps are done, the particular McDar Keyword Analysis Application analyzes the following which can be viewed as the pros of the tool:

o Number of listed pages on the internet.
o a Total number of back-links available to that page in the search engines.
o a Total number of back-links available to that page with Yahoo.
o Page rank while using ‘allinanchor’ (The entered key phrase or phrase).
o The typical page ranking for the web page.

If the analysis is done, the results can be utilized for optimization on the basis of knowledgeable decisions.


The major problem with the tool is that the application looks at a small set of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION factors!

WordZe Tool:

Keywords remain one of the most important components for a website to get hard-wired and reach a better standing. The word tool allows you to get some of the most impressive key terms in the market. word makes an examination of the keywords and on the cornerstone of the reports, data general trends and variations of the search phrase, the performance of the search phrase are judged. The design of WordZe is refreshing and it provides numerous tools which are capable of supplying powerful and reliable keywords and phrases.


o The WordZe has very user-friendly software.
o WordZe provides trustworthy and powerful keyword info. The word rank tool supplies a unique data set.
o The performance of WordZe is quite modern and easy.
o WordZe charges month to month. The monthly membership payment is $35.


The word rank research program of WordZe has a good limitation. It is too prohibitive by nature.
In spite of the issue, WordZe is one of the strongest applications in the market and users are often very satisfied with the overall performance.


Domain Gambling Tool: As the name implies, the Domain Stats Application helps the webmasters to have all the information about the website website of the competitors. The record data extracted by the Sector Stats Tool include Involving the domains, Dmoz provides, Yahoo WebRank, backlinks count number, Alexa Traffic Rank, amount of pages indexed by the numerous search engines like MSN, Google, Google etc. These outcomes become very handy and help to explain why some of the rivals are doing well in the Internet search engine searches and what things are to become done so that your website works well!

Domain Age Device: Age of the Domain generally refers to two things. The age of the web page in question and the length of time which is why the domain has been authorized. This actually is required for what is the longevity of the website plus the authenticity as well. People can trust the older internet site more than the new versions. The Domain Age Instrument displays the approximate involving the website on the World Wide Web. This allows you will have a look at the early stages of the internet site and you can optimize your web website accordingly.

The drawback is it can only indicate that the opponent’s website is gaining border in the search engine results because of the involving the domain. This is on the other hand good because you can come up with various other strategies and SEO ways to increase your page ranking.

Reciprocal Link Band: The Reciprocal Link Checker operates the00 advanced techniques to check the position of links and create the actual reports in the text or even HTML file. It is actually accountable for two things:

o Checking the demand for the website and
o General visibility of the website.

The obligation of the Reciprocal Link Checker would be to observe backlink status as well as manage inbound links of the website. The Reciprocal Link Checker handles the various reciprocal links on the internet site automatically and boosts the page rank.


o This is a powerful utility for marketing the page ranking of the internet site.
o It supervises along with checks the status of the backlinks.
o It has a remarkably interactive and user-friendly graphic interface.
o It boosts the link quality and also their popularity.
o It is cost-effective, reliable and fast.


o Reciprocal Link Checker usually takes a hit in the case of Pay-Per-Click task because of the fraudulent clicks and therefore increase the cost!


Majestic SEO: Regal SEO is one of the most advanced back-link analysis services and it enables exhaustive backlink reporting. The actual tool provides reports within the following:

o Domain Guide: provides top anchors record, top referring domains record and top page information.
o It provides a table that often shows domains that connect to the site.
o It investigates the links to both the internet and the non-www versions for virtually any website.
o Allows seeing of source flags for much more specific reports.
o It offers a superior feature of export-to-CSV

There are many other features or maybe advantages of the tool nevertheless mentioning all of them remains outside the scope of this article.

There are certain cons as well. They can be summed as:

o Must have some ‘online sorting and filtering from the data option. Though the information can be exported to stand out and sorted, online selection helps and makes life simple.
o Some of the data appear to be outdated.

Keeping these drawbacks aside, the Majestic SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a very handy and extensive tool that can be useful for the internet masters

Link Harvester: Hyperlink Harvester is one of the most innovative associated with its breed. It helps you a deeper look into the outcomes than any other tool. An additional added advantage is that it functions quicker than any other device. The tool makes use of Askjeeve! API and hence, the users don’t have to worry about the search engine’s terms and conditions violation.


o Quick enough to find out each site linking to a site or a domain.
o The idea finds out the number of indexed internet pages.
o It finds out the whole number of home page links, links and deep link percentage.
o It provides information about the Chemical block IP address.
o It truly is free and fast.
o The tool is known to supply links to WhoIs supply and Wayback Machine beside every single domain.


o The tool lacks the particular feature of scraping websites for gathering link written text and this is because any additional feature makes the tool slow.
o The tool uses just one single engine for data cordon.
Apart from the cons, the program on average is one of the finest in class!

Hub Finder: Often the Hub Finder is yet another no-cost and useful tool for investigating links for the purpose of SEO.

Often the Hub Finder comes with adhering to features or advantages:

o It captures the overall ranking in Google or Yahoo.
o It allows highlighting of each and every single authority in the effects and allows viewing in the hub pages (potential) backlinks.
o Allows CSV result of the result.
o Users can set the research depth.
o Allows comparison of backlinks in the top ten rank sites.
o Provides a set of the total number of hub web pages in the total number of the internet sites crawled.
o Quickly realizes the total number of topical HubPages.
There is an obvious disadvantage of the particular Hub Finder. The disadvantage will be:
o The existence of the scrapper websites in certain fields can easily cluster up the output in the Hub Finder.

There are many different advantages and some disadvantages connected with Hub Finder but, consuming you through each of them remains to be out of the scope of the document.

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