WEB OPTIMIZATION Duel – Link Building Compared to Quality Content


Having had the privileged opportunity to grow up with and stay an active part of the changing Net, the Google boom as well as the death of the Content Websites (see now extinct so-called search engines) I have from the almost seven years I use known and practised SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION learned a few things at the same time and I like to share my very own thoughts on today’s SEO landscaping and how Link Building compares to Content.

Quality SEO Content

Yahoo or google have once said one thing along the lines of “create good information and users will come”, what most people in the WEB OPTIMIZATION world do not like about this comment is the catch 23 of it as you need to be observed as well. Google is sadly not very good at catching completely new Quality Content unless it is staying directed there by websites. So how do you solve this?

Although quality content on its own carries good value too so it is using this type of content that you actually will probably dominate your own rankings. Imagination the fact that I am saying Content which is not the same as duplicate as well as lazy content. This is an issue that is very difficult to avoid the greater your website gets.

I have individual SEO on websites ranging from something like 20 indexed pages to 15 000 000 pages. Effectively planned these websites can have the amount percentage in copy content warnings.

The hard part of having reduced duplicate articles on larger scale websites is all down to the planning and also structure set in place at the start, but you would not dream your three-page website an individual run today will blow up into a ten million webpage website in six months. Hardly any people do. This is where you should be alert and know that should you suddenly have the means as well as the need to create a bigger model of your website then you also need to take the time to make it fool-resistant for the future. You may need to restrain yourself from trying to put up fast solutions to try and cope with all of the demands your website offers. Spend the weeks or 30 days it takes to put a really great program with nifty features in position and room for customized built content and functions.

That you during this time only might be able to serve 70% of your possible customers is balanced away by having a great website later on that is easy to control as well as through its sheer dimensions can dominate most of the search rankings it is targeting.

Link Building in the paranoid environment

Most web owners regard the No-Follow being a heaven-sent gift as it inhibits a lot of the spam occurring and since a side question, My spouse and I wonder if this is not causing some sort of chicken and an egg matter as Link Building is substantial for search engines to list you. But getting backlinks in the paranoid environment looking for today is increasingly tough as we have several anti-spam services that occasionally can pick you as being believed, the No-Follow makes your time and efforts end up in narrow locations where you will have your link amongst hundreds of others linking for their websites in the same objective.

There is however an area that is not being too protected through webmasters (so far), neither is it too crowded through spam or other hyperlink builders and that is the mixture of sites that are a half online community, half community.

The reason internet websites are not too crowded still is because of their moderation, a lot of them will not even allow you to post more than once every 36 times! This kind of Link Building takes a wide range of effort and you will have to take care of your presence long after the link is usually dropped, but the effort considerably outweighs the potential risk of currently being flagged as spammer plus the high amount of unsuccessful responses you have attempted with the “drop and forget” tactic almost all Link Builder tactics apparently employ at the moment.

I have carried out it myself and I have experienced proof that websites very easily can reach a Page Position of as high as 3 along with only five decent One or two links and minimal quantity of content. There is a trick to that particular which I will be revealed quickly.

Small Scale Link Building

Small scale backlink is what you do when you are an inferior website, just launched or even if you are a bigger website however currently restricted or inadequate the resources to build on a bigger scale.

While this title appears to be to contradict this very little fact, it remains real that the small-scale link building calls for more work, since you are generally building links on a smaller size you have to be more accurate using your keywords, you must have a well designed SEO Strategy as well as content to provide. Even the future keyword phrases you are betting on.

Much larger Scale Link Building

While this may well sound grand, epic or maybe daunting large-scale link building is definitely about anything where two or three people build links for a similar purpose and target. It needs less planning and operations as you would only carry out focus on keywords where they can be needed.

With this said you have to be wary that if you have more when compared with one person from the same construction doing all these link building techniques of the possibility to become flagged, disabled or even blacklisted. Be sure you have your link contractors document the amount on not really approved links and even much better -to keep track of the links they have put in place, at least on a monthly basis.

The secret Revealed

The trick is simple, simply drive the traffic to your site and Google will follow. This is when your SEO Strategy is going to be put to the test, have you explored the right words, have you situated your niche and wherever your customers are? These email address details are not ever answered with “they are on the Internet”.

Your own SEO Strategy must have described, located and built content for these people. Once this really is done you send your personal SEO Ambassadors forward, although do it slowly, as you will probably scare away your niche market just as easily as the nest of birds by this fountain you walk recent every morning, these parrots are not particularly afraid connected with you, but they are not at all more likely to befriend you, especially if you just simply barged in.

Once you have your personal SEO Ambassadors in place you actually send in the Social Media, but the truth is arm them with the knowledge the fact that Ambassadors gathered during the original approach. If successful, as the Social Media is in place you may have established a presence bring back a niche, you may now go to the next or keep going to get dominance within this niche. Make absolutely certain that your SEO Ambassadors and also Social Media Ninjas are looking back once in a while. A small “hello” or even a few nods because niches direction goes a considerable way to keep the maintenance going.

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