Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors: When and Where to Use Them


You can do a lot with an area rug in your home. When placed on hardwood floors, they can provide an excellent textural contrast. The area rug can be kept in place with the help of rug padding, which prevents the mats from bunching up and blocking the airflow under the carpet. The absence of dampness under your area rug is due in no small part to air circulation.

The first step is to determine whether you need a pad. There is a wide variety of places available for use with area rugs. Gripping pads prevent the rug from slipping, while felt provides extra cushioning (although it might cause the carpet to slide or move about in some spots unless a big piece of furniture is placed on top of it). Other options include polyurethane and sponge rubber. Sponge rubber and polyurethane have a low frequency of application. Hardwood floors are vulnerable to harm from sponge rubber markings and polyurethane’s reduction of airflow under the bed. There is a time and a place for each of these pads.

There are a lot of people who use gripping pads. They’re paper-thin and won’t do much to protect your area rug from the floor. To compensate for this type of pad, the carpet should be thick. The place is perforated in a waffle design. This pad’s surface provides excellent traction so that area rugs won’t slide around. Thin silk or similar area rugs benefit significantly from this pad in low-traffic areas, since a thicker place would cause the carpet to shift around, creating a tripping hazard and preventing the rug from lying flat on the hardwood floor.

The second consideration is where in the house each rug would look best. When selecting a carpet, consider where it will be placed (bedroom, family room, etc.) and the rug’s function in your design scheme. All these factors influence the optimal size for a given application. Which rug pad is ideal for your space and what size rug(s) you wish to use can be determined by this choice.

Consumers who purchase silk rugs sometimes put them in high-traffic, dirt-prone places. Due to the delicate nature of silk, these rugs can’t be steam cleaned like other area rugs. Water damage to the fibers and a warped texture are possible outcomes of cleaning. They require a unique dry-cleaning chemical and must be washed by hand. Heavy soils and stains, such as those found in high-traffic or dirt areas, cannot be removed with this method. You will have a really pricey area rug that doesn’t look very good after a short time. A silk rug should not be placed in high-traffic areas without being solvent cleaned every three months and flipped to reverse the wear pattern. Its attractive years will be lengthened as a result of this. Put it anywhere but the front door. The moisture from the precipitation will ruin the silk forever. Putting a tiny gripping pad underneath it will prevent it from sliding around and reduce the rate at which the silk wears down, regardless of where you decide to put it.

A single colossal area rug could be the perfect solution for your Family Room, Great Room, or any other spacious room. The sole exception is when there are several separate seated locations, as would be the case in a vast space. To get this look, you would utilize a collection of smaller rugs strategically placed throughout the room. It would be best to use a felt carpet pad under a thick area rug to cushion the hardwood floor from the impact of walking on the carpet and to prevent the foot from being damaged by the weight of heavy furniture.

Hardwood flooring is also featured in several bedrooms. Here are some ideas for utilizing area rugs in sleeping quarters. Smaller area rugs work well on either side of the bed and even at the foot of the bed in a standard-sized bedroom, depending on how the rest of your furnishings are arranged. Depending on the room’s size and the other furniture’s arrangement, a large heirloom area rug that Grandma gave you can be placed under the bed and extended out on all three exposed sides of the bed. The thickness and condition of Grandma’s rug will determine the sort of pad you should use.

Master bedroom decoration can be complex. In this room, as in any other, the alternatives are varied. A vast heritage rug from Grandma might serve as a bedspread or a showpiece. It also is dependent on the dimensions of the carpet. If your master bedroom has space, you can put an area rug on each side of the bed and a third in the middle of the seating area. Depending on the rug’s thickness and quality, a thin waffle gripping pad or a heavier felt pad is used over the hardwood floor.

Most rugs may be cleaned effectively with steam. If you want to keep the backing dry, your cleaner should utilize a low-moisture, fast-drying technique. This won’t happen if the rug is cleaned correctly, and you may have peace of mind knowing that your hardwood floors are protected. Turn over a carpet corner after cleaning to check if it is dry. It must be thus at all times.

Finally, a remark that is somewhat peripheral to the main discussion. It is possible to use area rugs as a decorative accent on the newly installed wall-to-wall carpet. You can use the carpet as a cushion. Place the hook side of Velcro on the underside of the rug, and the carpet will serve as the soft side of the rug slips. The carpet shouldn’t shift around, and it may be taken up without causing any harm to the other carpet.

Thanks to this post, hopefully, you know more about using rugs on hardwood floors than you did before.

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