Google speed score – Why it is the Best


Google speed score is a tool from Google in which we can review the performance of a web page on both mobile & desktop devices. This tool also gives suggestions for improving the web page. At the top of the information, It provides a score which summarizes the page’s performance. It’s a great tool which helps to analyses the web pages as to how a web page is going and what are the errors are there in the web page.

Google speed score – Also give suggestions to improve it. If you have any website, I will recommend you to check your Google page speed score and analyze it. You will understand how your website pages are going if any errors are there how to improve it. A quick loading site is essential for ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and for also managing your profits high and at a maximum level.


Google Speed Score: Top Key Factors to Score 100 out of 100

Here are the top key factors to look at while making your website top scorer –


  • Try to install a responsive theme – If you want to fix the issues at ease, then this is the best way to consider entirely. For a well-established site, it’s not a good option, but if its a low traffic site or you have just getting started, then this is the easiest solution to opt for.


  • Simplify your Menus – While designing your menu options always keep in mind that the mobile screen is smaller than the desktop and laptop screen so try to know the intensity of each menu which you apply on the website. Visitors would not scroll or zoom in and out to look at the navigational choices, so you need to concise and fit each and everything on one screen.


  • Display your CTAs clearly – To have a useful mobile-friendly website then your call to action button needs to be noticeable. Your CTA needs to be focused on that respective primary goal, and it should be easy to spot in one or maximum of two seconds.


  • Try to include a search function – This feature needs to be incorporated especially for eCommerce websites. Encouraging users to search simplifies and therefore reduces the need for you to rely on a large and complex menu. Too many options can lead to misunderstanding and complex for the visitors and lower down the conversions.


  • Prioritize Speed – The best option to keep your page loading time as low as possible by simplifying the theme and the design for the website. Remove unnecessary images which are too heavy to increase the conversion rate.


Google Speed Score: Conclusion

Google speed score – There are a lot of articles everywhere that can help you learn more about how to understand the working of google speed score best and apply it to your website. Despite, because you are here, I assume that you have now well past that point and ready to learn more about the next steps you can take to build your website even faster.

While the PageSpeed tool does an outstanding job in suggesting possible performance pitfalls, it leaves some optimization that can be used to get the max of available tools and technologies. I have analyzed to narrate all such optimizations that I acknowledge. I have also covered a few other things that you might need to know. All this will improve you grasp your site ahead of your competition.


Doesn't the Google speed score gives you to the absolute maximum performance?


I score 100 out of 100. Do I still need to bother about performance?