Honest opinion on Mica Digital Marketing Course Review

In this article, we will discuss the Mica Digital Marketing Course Review. An honest opinion on whether you should do the digital marketing course from MICA or not. To read more about udyamoldisgold click here.

What is Mica?

MICA was founded in 1991, and the primary academic block was inaugurated in 1993. There is complete information regarding digital marketing, communication in digital marketing, and making the students compete with the challenges they may face during digital marketing in the Mica Digital marketing course. It is about 6.5 month’s course, and you will get many information and skill during this course.

Mica Digital Marketing Course Review

What courses does it offer?

The Mica Digital Marketing Course Review tells us that we can do the following courses from MICA.

● Post-graduate certificate program In crafting creative management

● Post-graduate certificate program in Media and entertainment management

● Post-graduate certificate program in Business management

● Post-graduate certificate program in Market research and data and Analytics

Fees of Digital Marketing Course at MICA

Mica Digital Marketing Course Review about the fees at MICA is as follows;

Now we will discuss the fee structure of digital marketing courses at MICA. The program fee for Indian residents is 70000 RS excluding tax, and the fee schedule for international students is 1600$.

Registration fee – At the time of submission of the online form, you have to submit Rs 30000, and for international students, there is 650$.

1st installment – the first installment is of RS 1500 for Indian and 400$ for International students

2nd installments – for Indian residents RS 25000 and international students 550$.

Mica Digital Marketing Course Review

Benefits of taking a course at MICA

There are many perks of doing a course at MICA. Mica Digital Marketing Course Review says it all. It is worth doing a system at MICA to enhance the skills and make you able to earn.

  • You will get information about the following things in these courses – Branding and Communication, Social Media and Content Marketing, and Marketing Analytics.
  • You will get complete details on many tools like Google analytics, facebook’s advertisements and woo ranks, etc.
  • Learn many strategies and techniques to enhance your skills in digital marketing and communication.
  • These courses are flexible because all lectures are also available in recorded form, so if you skip the study due to genuine reason, you will get the lessons in recorded form.
  • Mock interviews and CV feedback are the main focus for all those students who want to adopt this technique as a future profession.

An Honest Opinion from Students

Let’s hear a Mica Digital Marketing Course Review from the students of MICA.

MICA is one place that leaves you alone instead of giving that decision to leave you alone. It shakes your convictions, changes your worth framework in manners you couldn’t ever have imagined. There is such a lot that you ingest unwittingly from resources, staff, understudies around you. Life is never something very similar after MICA happens to you. You take a gander at the world diversely and need to change things.

Mica Digital Marketing Course Review – The greatest thing that MICA, as a school does, is, it harbors enthusiasm. Our resources and graduate class probably won’t discuss the most significant compensation, yet they will disclose how you can sparkle on the off chance that you do what you genuinely need to do. The scholastics and educational plan are not typical for some other regular ‘B-School’, and we as a school revel in that. One experience can transform you if you need to change it, as MICA never compels you or persuades you.


What is a Contact Number?

1. Academic Advising: 410-225-2315 2. For Events Information/MICA News: 410-225-2300 3. Academic Affairs, Deans: 410-225-2289 4. Main Campus Telephone Number: 410-669-9200

What is Contact Email?

Email: contact.micore@micamail.in

What is the Address?

Shela, Ahmedabad - 380 058, Gujarat, India

Is Mica a good college?

MICA stands as the best college in India that offers digital marketing courses. It is amongst the top 30th business schools of India.

What makes MICA famous?

Mica Digital Marketing Course Review tells us that it is famous for its authenticity and the quality of courses it provides. MICA offers many courses, but it is famous for digital marketing, communication courses. Digital marketing and making the students compete with the challenges that they may face during digital marketing.


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