Web Design

Dreamweaver Cs6

Is Dreamweaver Cs6 the best option for beginners?

Introduction Adobe Dreamweaver Cs6 is a web designing and development tool. It was created in 1997, and after that, Adobe launched its different version with new and updated features. Dreamweaver Cs6 is one such version launched in 2012. It is a website design software. It is an application for web designers and developers to create and design …

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Realmac Rapidweaver

Realmac Rapidweaver: the best web design software for Mac?

Realmac RapidWeaver Software is a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) web-based programming framework intended to do much of the heavy lifting for you. Its easy-to-modify models make it easy to create a sleek, personalized website design with the ease of a user interface that looks like one that comes right out of …

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Adobe Xd Design

Do you know why Adobe Xd Design is the Best

Earlier, people used to design Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and the app is not developed exclusively for Android, iOS, or web design.  To accomplish this aim, Adobe has developed the Adobe XD design that is specifically designed for Android, iOS, or web design. It also has evaluation capabilities built-in so that users can test …

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Figma Mobile App

Figma Mobile App interesting reviews, analysis, and more

Figma Mobile App is a cloud-based UI integration and prototyping platform that helps various teams to work on designing, testing, and delivering interfaces or product designs. To read more about it click here.  Apps include release history, project management, commentary, user-based permissions, plugin development, and single sign-on (SSO). The framework enables designers to prepare designs …

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Ux Design Wizard

Ux Design Wizard: You need to know this interesting wizard!

Ux Design Wizard is an online graphic design platform that helps users quickly create, upload, and import images in minutes. All of the Design Wizard features are open, allowing you to browse a catalogue of over 1 million free copy images and 15,000 models so that you can create, upload, or import personalized designs for …

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Google Web Designer Html5

Google Web Designer Html5 : Find out why it is the Best

Contrary to what you would think by the title, Google Web Designer Html5 ‎is not a web design app. Instead, Google Web Designer works on the creation of HTML5-based advertisements and other related web content. The GUI looks like a hybrid between a video editor and a web design kit. You need to download it …

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Canva Motion Graphics

Your Amazing Guide on Canva Motion Graphics

Before we get to Canva Motion Graphics, Canva, in general, empowers people to create social media graphics, displays, posters, and other visual content. Khelkhor – Why The Latest News Is The Amazing. To read more about it click here. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and an extensive library of models and design elements, such …

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