What to Do at Disneyland: Maximizing a Single-Day Visit with Kids


There are methods to see everything at Disneyland in a single day, contrary to popular belief that families need at least a week to see everything there is to see.

A vacation to Disneyland with the family is a big deal, not only because of the travel involved. Expectations for these vacations tend to be high because of the extensive planning and saving that goes into them. However, some families travel to the Anaheim area to experience more than simply Disneyland, and they may only have one day to spend at the theme park.

Near-Disneyland Lodging

Choosing a hotel should be the first order of business. Thankfully, there are a plethora of services that facilitate flexible criteria entry when looking for accommodations. There are a lot of hotels in the region that provide ticket packages at discounted rates, and you may tailor each one to your interests. If you type “hotels near Disneyland and other major attractions” into a search engine, you’ll get results for a wide selection of hotels, each with its own set of perks and pricing points.

If only… Why Did We Do That?

When people realize how little time they have left before the theme park closes, panic might occur. During this time, parents who are only there for the thrills tend to rush their children from one ride to the next, rarely considering whether or not the attractions are appropriate for their children’s ages. You might as well say goodbye to the rest of your day if you put a 16-year-old adolescent guy on It’s a Small World.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Time in the Park

Even if you don’t get to see every attraction, you can still get a taste of your favorites and have a memorable Disney day with some planning and preparation. Here are some suggestions for spending a single day at Disneyland with the whole family smiling from ear to ear.

Trip Planning: Avoid visiting on weekends or holidays if at all possible.

• – Check the website for at least a month to find discounts on tickets and other services. To avoid waiting in line, get tickets in advance online.

Get a feel for the park with a printed map and online descriptions of any rides or attractions you won’t see in person. Start planning your park visit so that you spend as little time as possible waiting in line and as much time as possible riding rides.

If possible, get in line at will-call at least half an hour before the doors open. You can get your shopping done early and still have plenty of time to enjoy the park’s rides and shows when it officially opens if you enter the park’s main street area before opening.

• A Must-See on Main Street — If you find yourself on Main Street, don’t miss Walt Disney’s debut attraction, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Look at the firehouse’s window before you leave—it’s over the main door. Walt Disney stayed at that apartment whenever he came to the theme park.

• Make use a FastPass – these are necessary for a day trip. You can schedule your visit to the most famous destinations with the help of these printable passes. A separate line is waiting for you when you arrive, and you can expect to board the ride within ten to fifteen minutes. With this pass, you can skip hours of waiting.

Families with children of varying ages should consider visiting at different times of the day to make the most of their time there. Both parents may enjoy the amusement park, with one watching over the little ones in Fantasyland while the other rides roller coasters and other thrill attractions with the big kids. If only one adult is in the home, it may be necessary to join forces with another family, acquaintances, or relatives on the trip to provide adequate adult supervision. Some parents may also feel that their children are of an age where they can safely venture out on their own. Choose a comfortable meeting spot and stick to it.

When you all reunite, head to the fun rides for people of all ages, including Pirates of the Caribbean.

Take the most popular rides first thing in the morning, and save the shows for the afternoon when you’ll be ready for a break. The evenings saw significantly shorter lines. Suppose you’re prepared to forego the parades and Fantasmic! In that case, you can ride the attractions you missed or wish to experience again when most passengers are headed for the shows.

Relax with the family on the Disneyland Railroad, the Mark Twain Riverboat, or a serene trip on the Sailing Ship Columbia in Frontierland if everyone’s feet are killing them from all the walking and excitement. Tom Sawyer’s Island, a secluded outdoor playground surrounded by rivers where kids of all ages may reenact the adventures of Tom Sawyer, is another fantastic low-key place. Treasures await discovery by those who venture to the site.

The Fantasmik attraction draws crowds around the Rivers of America Lagoon, Splash Mountain, and Indiana Jones Adventure as the Parade passes by the Matterhorn. Try this: while everyone is watching the light show, you and your friends can enjoy the rides in Frontierland, Critter Country, and Adventureland. Get on Space Mountain, Matterhorn, or Star Tours without waiting in line while the crowds are watching Fantasmic. You can break up again if you’d like to ensure everyone rides everything they want.

• People love the nightly parades, so there’s a mad dash for the exits when they end. Leaving just a little bit early or waiting it out are two options for avoiding the stress of the crowds at these attractions. Do some more shopping or grab a bite while waiting for the masses to thin out.

The whole family may enjoy a day at Disney Land if you take the time to plan so that everyone gets to see the attractions that are most important to them. Plan for downtime by taking in some of the sights at a more sedate time of day. When picking a hotel near Disneyland, it’s crucial to prioritize conveniences that will help you relax after a long day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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