Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – No Value No Wager


Value hunting is common. It applies to each life and business. It should apply to football wagering as well. Many punters are not able to appreciate the significance of value wagering. This is the most important but probably the most misunderstood concept in soccer betting. Value is the true key to making a profit in the long term. The Best Guide to find แทงบอล.


, price is found when you can obtain a physical object for less than what it is worthy of. The following illustration will explain this.

You are a classic enthusiast, surfing around an antiques retail outlet. You notice a nice old classic vase on offer for $100. You already know you could resell the classic vase for at least $120. This means there may be VALUE in buying the traditional vase. The key here is your KNOWLEDGE of how the vase is worth $120.

However, if you buy the classic vase to sell it but WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE how much you could sell the vase for, then it is not a wise purchase, plus it’s not a value buy.

The same principle applies to football wagering. In sports, the true association with the outcome of a match is expressed by the probability of this outcome happening. If you can obtain a HIGHER price than one indicated by the likelihood, you have found value.

So, the costs (or odds) offered by the actual bookmakers are related to the true probability of that outcome occurring. Now, how do we determine whether chances are of value?


Fair prices (or odds) are set when the result is expected to become a 50/50 situation.

Let’s take the example of the flipping of the coin. As there are two edges of the coin, the chances of brains and tails are fifty percent each. The formula for calculating the odds in such a 50/50 situation is 100 and 50 = 2 . Consequently, odds of 2 are called SENSIBLE ODDS.

So, if we are generally betting on coin-throws, as soon as the price offered is lower when compared with 2, then it has zero value because we will undoubtedly lose. However, if the cost is higher than 2, say second . 10, it means the possibility for the win is five percent higher (2. 10/2. 00). This is value.


Before we know how to find worth, we must first understand how to analyze probability and value.

Chance Calculation

The formula is usually:

Probability = 1 suggestions 0dds

So, if a celebration is offered at 2 . 60, then it has a probability involved.

1 / 2 . a few = 40% chance of taking place ACCORDING TO THE BOOKMAKER.

If you calculate the ‘true’ chance will be greater than 40%, then you have realized value.

Value Calculation

The particular formula is:

Odds back button Percentage / 100 > 1 . 0 (The figure must be greater than one 0 to have value)

Inside the above example, if you calculate the percentage to be 50%, the worthiness calculation will be:

2 . 55 x 50 / a hundred = 1 . 25 (This is value as the physique is greater than 1 . 0)


The tips to value punting are usually:

* How accurate it is to estimate the winning portion of the outcome.
* Having the best odds for that function.

Calculating the winning likelihood is not an easy task. Finding valuation is 100% subjective. It’s possible to deem odds of 1 . 30 is value, but a different may disagree. Some punters feel that for odds of – 20, the event must have a new probability chance of at least 83% because they have to win all 5 out of six such – 20 events to benefit.

So, finding value likelihood is very individualistic. Sometimes, probability of 1. 50 represents a valuation. Sometimes, even 15. 00 is not worth the picture.

After researching the usual collection criteria, shortlist your bet targets. Then create your unique estimations on the percentage connected with a Home win, a get or Away win. Simply no strategy is set in natural stone. You have to try out various methods, and over time, you will understand how certain factors may influence the outcome more than other folks.

Time, experience, and training are essential in ‘perfecting’ your current methods.


If one of your current value bets loses, your mean the bet does not take value. A punter needs to learn to accept that only a few changes can be a winning gamble. The decisive factor is always to find a deal in your choices. Of course, the more the number of benefit bets, the higher the profit achievable.

Stanley Ong is a Chartered Accountant with considerable experience in a football bet. Football has been his appreciation since he was young.

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